Penguin Graphic Display Systems provide elegant, durable, and affordable ways to display banners and signage. Penguin Graphic Display Systems are the solution for your presentation - use it as a versatile exhibition solution, as your showroom decoration, to make an event more successful, for your P-O-S presentation, or any other presentation or promotional activity you decide to do!
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Graphic Display
Cable Penguin

Cable Penguins are a flexible and lightweight way to display your graphics. The elegant and durable Cable Penguin allows the use of a variety of  graphic mediums including fabric, vinyl, mounted photos, foam board, or any other medium you are utilizing.  Graphics are mounted to the cables using aluminum supports and machined aluminum screw clamps (both included with Cable Penguin systems).  With the addition of a brochure shelf, the Cable Penguin makes an ideal way to to attract attention and distribute your brochures, catalogs, or any other print material.

Cable Penguins are available in many heights (117", 88", 74", 59", and 41") and widths (24", 32", 35", and 39") and the Penguin Connection can join together as many systems as you want for walls or backdrops of unlimited length!  Cable Penguin is also available in two-sided 'twin' versions.

Cable Penguin graphic display systems use the same base and support structure as the Standard Penguin and have a lifetime warranty (not including graphic panels - see price list for warranty details).  By adding two cables, a different top support rod, and mounting hardware, a Standard Penguin can be converted easily and affordably to a Cable Penguin, and a Cable Penguin can just as easily be converted to a Standard Penguin. 
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cable penguin